Desire Path is an ode to how we blaze our paths in contemporary life and wandering inspections of wanting, written by Grace Heutel.

It’s part existential commentary, part discourse analysis, and part real person. You can expect reverent but humorous postings once a month that dive into everyday life with essays, poetry, and earnest flair.

Thanks for the words! Such thoughtful, humorous and entertaining reflections on relatable facets of life - Chris, Bellingham, WA

Desire Path is primarily dedicated to thought essays, inspecting personal and cultural subjects with speculative lenses, but it also includes the mini-series Poem People and recommendations on The Short Long.

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Desire Path is about how wanting inspires.

You can expect pieces like…

and others like…

The data provided by wanting is invaluable and overlooked. Like flipping a coin in the air and secretly hoping for one side to show itself.

A path forged of wanting. What a feat of the human experience to have a little dirt trail blaze across a courtyard.

These little (big) acts of resistance remind me of the survivorship of winter, my favorite season, which charges us full of resilience and prompts us to carve out paths and routines. Walking through the snow in footpaths we’ve created. Waking up and charging forward to another day, carving paths of our own resistance. Wanting to push on and doing so in the physical reminder of our own strength. Paths woven from desire. That is the namesake of this newsletter.

More on architecture and user interaction

A desire path is “an unplanned small trail created as a consequence of mechanical erosion caused by human or animal traffic. The path usually represents the shortest or the most easily navigated route between an origin and a destination.” (Wikipedia)

This is a community space, so please be mindful in the comments. Note that I’m not a professional writer or scholar. I started this to develop my writing skills and connect with others. A little luxuriating for me, but I hope the topics I inspect can inform and/or validate desires in your life too.

Written word and photography is original unless cited.

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Desire Path approaches modern life and pop culture with existential commentary, philosophy, & unabashed earnestness.


Writes Desire Path: approaching modern life and pop culture with existential commentary, philosophy, & unabashed earnestness